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Dryer Vent Cleaning
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It would help if you kept on your dryer vent regularly cleaning to enhance the dryer's efficiency. Regular dryer vent cleaning enables you to remove lint & other dirt and debris that obstructs the airflow & the dryer performance. For effective lint removal, call Air Duct Cleaner, Dallas, TX.

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Signs It's Time For Dryer Vent Cleaning

When you notice any of these signs over your dryer, it's recommended to give Air Duct Cleaner Dallas, TX, a call. Your clothes are taking much longer than usual to dry. Both the dryer & the clothes feel very hot—the presence of dirt & debris around the dryer hose & the lint trap. Also, the vent hood doesn't open properly!

If you haven't inspected your dryer for more than one year, it's time to start now! Once you notice a strange burning smell on the clothes, could you turn it off & give us a call? When the laundry room feels extremely hot while running your dryer, this declares something wrong. Thus, give us a call once you notice any of these signs!

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How Often To Clean Lint Trap & Vent?

According to the experts, clean the lint trap after every load & your dryer vent at least once annually! However, it's ideal for cleaning your dryer vent more often than that! Large size dryer vents mean more clothes loads to be washed daily. This means the more you use your dryer daily, the higher lint amounts accumulated.

If you have pets indoors, then it means that your dryer vents will get clogged quickly than in pet-free homes. Therefore, it's essential to clean your dryer frequently to remove any pet hair. According to researches, new clothes affect the lint buildup amount inside your dryer. So, if you like buying new clothes, make sure you call Air Duct Cleaner Dallas, TX.


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What You Gain From Regular Cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning regularly will help you improve its efficiency; thus, it will lower the amount of power it consumes. Those who clean up their dryer vent regularly will save up 30% on their energy bills. When the dryer is cleaned periodically, it will less overheat or get clogged. As a result, it will not break down or experience a technical issue.

Regular dryer vent cleaning will prevent lint buildup & fire risk. If you neglect your vent cleaning, the dryer will be forced to work hard to dry up your clothes and wear & tear dryer parts. Vent cleaning will improve your dryer efficiency & prevent any wear or tear. Thus, call Air Duct Cleaner Dallas, TX for the cheapest service in Dallas, Texas.